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The Regulations are intended to control the development of the Estate by encouraging designs which allow for individual expression while ensuring a measure of consistency in the character of the Estate, and to maximize the value of every property in Berg en Dal.

Restrictions on certain materials are intended to contribute to the quality and standard of the building work.

Consideration must at all times be given to the impact of the design and intended landscaping on the views of other Homeowners and where an existing approved structure (e.g. a boundary fence or wall) is replaced by another structure that is not the same in design and/or composition, the approval procedure with the H.O.A. must be followed.

For this reason property owners must bear in mind the Architectural and Landscaping Regulations ( the “Regulations”) with regard to their own privacy as well as the privacy of surrounding neighbours when designing their properties. Height restrictions will be strictly applied both within and outside the building platform.

It is the responsibility of the homeowner to ensure that he or she is in possession of the current version of the design Regulations which must be requested in writing from the Estate Manager. Homeowners or their authorized representatives are required to acknowledge receipt of these Regulations in writing (register of documents handed over to be kept by the Estate Manager) and specifications will only be deemed current if they have been validly obtained within 60 days of the submission of any plan for approval.

All building work is subject to the current regulations applicable at the time that that work is undertaken. The Regulations are amended from time to time to clarify interpretation, to remain current with building materials and lifestyle trends and improve the qualitative aspects of Homeowners where identified. For this reason a rule that may not have been in existence at the time of purchase of a property in the Estate may impact on a subsequent proposed development. In addition, existing precedent will have no bearing upon applications for departures from current rules and will be considered on merit and, where necessary, with affected neighbours.

Where any homeowner is uncertain as to interpretation of any clause, clarity should be obtained from the HOA prior to proceeding.